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This page showcases a selection of my animation work

Animation Demoreel 2018

My demoreel showing animation highlighting work from 2018 and before.

N-VA campaign videos

These videos were commissioned by a local political party to promote their campaign for the elections (September 2018).

NVA Asse Teaser

A teaser video to promote the campaign of a local political party.

Les Aventures de Corentin & Audrey: Le Mariage!

I made this animation for my cousin's wedding, to be played before supper. It's a very cartoony take on how they prepared that day, before meeting at the church ceremony.

Stations Of The Cross 2015 - Station 7 & 8

This is the animation I made for the Stations of the Cross event in Brussels.

The stations I had were:

Station number 7 & 8: 
Jesus takes up his cross
John 19 :16-17
Jesus is helped by Simon to carry his cross
Matthew 27 :32

"The Stations of the Cross event is a free exhibition for individuals and families. 16 interactive stations tell the story of what happened when Jesus Christ was betrayed, condemned, scoffed at, crucified, died, was buried and rose from the dead. Be surprised by this “love story” displayed in a fascinating way through different kinds of art such as drama, music, paint, poetry, dance, photography and videography."

Music by Matt Swanton & Rachelle Streeter

Made with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe After Effects CC (2014)

Slimer Sprite

Slimer Sprite

An exercise in pixel art animation for Pixeljoint's weekly pixel art challenge. the theme was Spirit Spite

Blue Mage Spell

Blue Mage Spell

This was my entry for the weekly competition on Pixeljoint. The theme was 'Cast This'.



An animation I made from a sketch, as an exercise.

Alex At The Museum

Alex, a 7 year old boy, is extremely bored when visiting the art museum with his dad.
But when he pursues his toy through a painting, he discovers the amazing universe of art.

Made in about 5-6 months for my Bachelor (in animation) graduation movie at RITS in Brussels. Our assignment was to make a movie for children, during at least one minute. I did practically everything, from story and design to modelling and animation.

I put the least amount of work in shading, as I wanted to put most of my effort in animating this movie. For the style, I wanted something paint-like (which didn't really work out that well), but above all I wanted to have something that rendered fast, to spare time.