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Taken with my Game Boy Camera and edited in Photoshop


Sem Brys

I'm an artist currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

As a teenager I always had lots of interests like reading, science, drawing and playing video games, but I never really had a clear view on what I wanted to do.

My secondary education was in sciences & mathematics. Although these subjects still interested me by the end of my studies, I didn't want to pursue them. 

My first higher studies were in Digital Arts and Entertainment, which focuses on game design and development. I was part of the first group of students trying out a brand new bachelor's course in Belgium. After a satisfying internship and my graduation I felt like I learned a lot, but nothing really in depth.

That's why I decided to study another 3 years of Animation. This is where I learned a lot more about animation, drawing, composition and much, much more.

After 6 years of studying and obtaining 2 bachelor degrees I felt ready for some work experience. One of my teachers contacted me to work on a project in his studio in Brussels.

Since then I have worked on several projects: long feature animated movies, children's series and the occasional commercial. Besides work for studios I'm often asked to make illustrations, short videos or promo material like flyers and posters.

Drawing is something I really love to do and I often go to the zoo or a museum for some real (or still) life sketching. I also enjoy the creative thrill of trying out new things, like pixel art or virtual reality.

The reason why I mention I'm a christian is because I'm a follower of Jesus and I try to follow Him in every area of my life. That means honesty, excellence in work and a loving & serving attitude are values I esteem highly and if they are present in my life it is only because He is at work in me.

I also believe that the art I make:

  • can reflect the (re-)creative character of the triune God

  • can show the goodness, hope and salvation which is found in Jesus

  • can reveal the ugliness of sin and its effect on this world

Of course, since work often involves working with and for other people (clients), the above doesn't always seep through what I make.




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